He is Resin!

Happy Easter ! 

Like a fresh new canvas we can start afresh by God's Amazing Grace! Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we can be free and live life to the full!

Looking back since last year, Love Burundi has a lot to be thankful for and we look forward to sharing testimonials with you in our next newsletter soon.

Last year Love Burundi gained UK charity status meaning your donations can go even further through GiftAid. The timing was God's, with our fundraising efforts hit by national lockdown(s) and social distancing rules, the need for donations to go even further was greater.

Spreading the hope and fulness of life through Jesus couldn't be more relevant today in Burundi and around the world. Your ongoing prayers and financial support for students at Bujumbura Christian University is helping to sow the seeds of the gospel in their communities and beyond, with beautiful ripple effects.

May the joy, hope, peace and love of Easter fill your hearts and homes throughout Holy Week and Eastertide!

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