Rev'd Canon Donald Werner Visiting Lecturer 2020


Rev. Canon Donald Werner visited Burundi as a visiting lecturer at the beginning of March for a two week visit that was extended to over 6months. Within days of Donald's arrival, Burundi closed it's borders due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

From Rev Canon Donald Werner - Vice Chancellor Emeritus of BCU: 

'I went to give lectures on the writings of the Apostle John for ten days - but the day after I arrived the airport was closed and I had to stay for 150 days.  It was good to meet people who often work behind the scenes: people like Vianney, Etiene and Privet who have been faithful to the university since its beginnings. I was asked to teach two more courses as visiting lecturers could not enter the country.  It is good to see the former Burundian students that I had taught now becoming qualified lecturers at the University. The pandemic is encouraging the exploration of 'online' lectures in case of future emergencies.'

I am delighted to hear that Dr Pascal has been appointed the new Vice Chancellor - and that a new Faculty of Communications has been approved by the university.

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