Mrs Judith Fairbairn



Seven years ago we were introduced to a young family from Burundi who had come to study in Durham and worship in our church. They made their home among us and shared their vision for a Christian university in Bujumbura.

As time went on we were drawn into the work they were doing and fund raising events were held.

In 2018 we were privileged to take part in a visit to Burundi with the Durham North Team where we visited the university, met students, staff, clergy and children and travelled in the surrounding area. We came home with a greater understanding of life in Burundi knowing that we needed to be doing something but not sure what.

Up to that point Love Burundi was a community association and the need to become registered with the Charity Commission became obvious and so the process of setting up the charity began.

When we were asked to become trustees we knew that this was how we could help support the students and in a small way life in Burundi and it is a privilege to be able to do so.


Judith & John Fairbairn

Judith Fairbairn